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Shanghai experts develop new non-invasive colorectal cancer screening method
From:Shine  |  2022-11-10 20:56

Local medical experts have developed a new non-invasive colorectal cancer screening method, which can achieve early detection and predict precise treatment result.

Colorectal cancer is the No. 3 leading cancer in China. Early screening and detection can greatly reduce the incidence and mortality.

"Due to a lack of awareness about early screening, the majority of Chinese patients are only diagnosed with the disease after it has reached the middle or terminal stage, leading to poor treatment results," said Dr Cai Guoxiang from the Shanghai Cancer Center.

"Though colonscopy and pathological examinations are the golden standard for colorectal cancer diagnosis, the procedure is invasive and has certain requirements, so many people have poor compliance. It is urgent to look for more effective non-invasive biological markers for early colorectal cancer detection."

Cai's team has worked with other domestic experts to develop a new testing measure targeting ctDNA, a cancer biomarker. Previous studies have found that the level of ctDNA is closely related with the treatment results.

Their research collected plasma samples of 1,138 patients and confirmed the effects of the non-invasive method named ColonES, which targets ctDNA.

The method is expected to be developed into a new tool for precise screening of colorectal cancer as well as treatment prediction, experts said.

The research results were published by world-leading journal The Lancent's subordinate serial – eClinicalMedicine.

Ti Gong

Dr Cai Guoxiang from the Shanghai Cancer Center performing a colorectal cancer surgery