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China chic in gold jewelry: meeting contemporary fashion needs
By:Eastday  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2022-01-14 15:53

Integrating refined cultural elements with a modern lifestyle, Chinese domestic goods have been gaining popularity among younger generations, who are using classic collections as a way to express their attitude towards fashion.

Qian Sun, founder of SUNCHIN Art Jewelry, is an upcoming jewelry artist. As a Chinese descendant, she has been thinking how to make better associations and interactions between ancient Chinese culture and contemporary young people’s lives. Inspired by the ancient languages in the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, she has created a gold accessory collection shaped like the flying asparas and the cursive script of Chinese calligraphy, while using special technology to make them lighter.

“How to add a unique chicness to jewelry? We need to express oriental elements with modern aesthetics,” said Yanfeng Guo, chief design officer and co-general manager of Design Management Center, Yuyuan Jewelry & Fashion Group. While working with Lao Miao Jewelry, a time-honored brand in Shanghai, he uses both ancient and modern gold making techniques, such as filigree, hammering, polishing, enamel, and diamond inlay. Looking fashionable while not losing classic elements, the collections have caused a stir among young consumers.

With innovative and fashionable ideas, traditional gold jewelry has been redefined as more people pursue a lifestyle called “Oriental Life”. To make “Oriental Life” a household lifestyle, the focus should be on the young consumer group. They are practitioners of and will become carriers of “Oriental Life”, as Xiaoliang Xu, president of Shanghai International Fashion Federation, pointed out.

By Cao Jun/Wu Qiong/Fan Yicheng/Yu Lin