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The flowers of Huakai Haishang Ecological Park are in brilliant bloom
From:english.eastday.com  |  2022-08-05 10:55

In Huakai Haishang Ecological Park of Shanghai’s Jinshan District, 340,000 summer cypresses form a green sea while golden sunflowers sway in the wind, attracting many citizens and tourists to take the perfect Wechat Moments snap at this internet-famous site.

The Huakai Haishang Ecological Park has been planted with summer cypress for many years, and this year the park has expanded the planting of summer cypresses to 340,000. At the same time, a petal-shaped lawn and some amusement facilities have been added in between the sea of summer cypresses. At present, the leaves of summer cypresses are green in the growing season, and in autumn, they will turn red. Therefore, different seasons have different viewing experiences.

"On the Chinese Valentine's Day in the first week of August, we will give away 1,000 tickets for free every day for seven consecutive days from August 1 to 7 and the park has extended its operating hours to 8:00 pm. For the first time, we will open night activities such as barbecue, orienteering, water gun battles, and fan painting, giving citizens and visitors more options for summer nightlife," said Bao Xiaodong, deputy general manager of Huakai Haishang Ecological Park.