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BP finds high production of shale gas source in NW New Mexico
From:Xinhua  |  2017-08-08 06:46

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HOUSTON, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- BP recorded a high production of shale gas on land it bought from a U.S. shale driller two years ago, the Oil & Gas Journal reported on Monday.

The Journal said the well, which achieves the average 30-day initial production rate of 12.9 million cubic feet of gas per day, is located in San Juan County, northwest of New Mexico State, also part of the San Juan basin.

The journal quoted Dave Lawler, chief executive officer of BP's U.S. Lower 48 onshore business, as reporting that the result gives BP confidence to pursue additional development of the Mancos shale, which BP believe could become one of the leading shale plays in the United States.

BP acquired the well from Devon Energy Corp. in late 2015, which expanded BP's existing position in the San Juan basin and provided better access to the Mancos shale.

The Mancos Shale or Mancos Group is a Late Cretaceous (Upper Cretaceous) geologic formation of the Western United States, and was named for exposures near the town of Mancos, Colorado.

Linhua Guan, chairman of Houston-based Star Energy, told Xinhua that the fertile production of shale gas in Juan basin is a significant event, showing "the field controlled by BP has promising future."