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Creative cultural products from British Museum go viral

This summer, the shop for British Museum officially went online in the Tmall, China's largest open business-to-consumer platform under Alibaba. The store sells handbags, moon-shaped fans, mobile phone shells and other items with various themes, including the Egyptian pharaoh, Rosetta Stoneand the Great Wave off Kanagawa.

Take a wander in Shanghai under the shade of planetrees (Part 2)
Last time we introduced several streets which are decorated by lush planetrees. Their voluminous shade not only cools the surroundings but also beautifies the landscape. Let’s continue to explore another five routes.
Meituan to push environmentally friendly takeout food tableware
One million free takeout food containers which are of the association standard will be put into the market this year in Shanghai, announced Meituan, a Chinese online group-buying and takeout service platform on July 30 during a discussion participated in by merchants.
Cosplay party backs to Shanghai 1930s
White-collar youth dressed in nostalgic Cheongsam and gown take selfies with the picture of Shikumen buildings (typical Shanghai-style architecture) as background in Lujiazui of Shanghai on Dec 27, 2015, where a cosplay party featuring old Shanghai was held in celebration of the New Year 2016. What a time travel!