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China's Alipay mobile payment introduced in Denmark
From:Xinhua  |  2017-10-24 03:34

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COPENHAGEN, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- The world's leading mobilepayment platform Alipay was launched in Denmark on Monday, enablingits Chinese users to enjoy its fast and convenient payment servicewhen they travel to the Nordic country.

Operated by Ant Financial Services Group, an affiliate companyof China's Alibaba Group, Alipay users can hail a taxi, book ahotel, buy movie tickets, pay utility bills, make appointments withdoctors, or purchase wealth management products directly fromwithin the app.

"We are happy that Denmark and the Nordics are embracing Alipayfor Chinese tourists. The adoption of Alipay services of bothpayment and marketing will not only enhance the experience ofChinese consumers but also help Danish businesses to reach out totheir Chinese customers even before they depart from China," saidWang Li, head of Alipay EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Alipay was launched in Denmark by APay Nordic AS, in cooperationwith 2paynow, the technology platform provider of Alipay inEurope.

"We are glad to see that APay Nordic is now introducing Alipayinto Denmark, which will further strengthen the advantages ofDenmark as a Chinese-friendly destination," said Miklos Bengtsen,CFO of ILLUM, a premium department store in Copenhagen, adding thatChina is a very important market for the Danish retailbusiness.

According to Wang, Alipay's in-store payment service is coveringmore than 30 countries across the world, and tax reimbursement viaAlipay is supported in 24 countries and regions.

Alipay has been launching its services in Europe since mid-2016.Denmark is the fourth Northern European country for Alipay to setfoot in after Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Alipay now has over 520 million active users and over 450financial institution partners globally. Over 10 million merchantsaccept Alipay across China. Enditem