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Eastman partners with Transformers in co-branding move
From:ChinaDaily   |  2020-01-10 15:11

As crossover branding is now a hot term for many sectors globally, V-KOOL, a premium brand of Tennessee-based specialty material manufacturer Eastman Chemical Co, has partnered with Transformers, a world-renowned brand under Hasbro Inc, the United States-based entertainment company, to seize more market share in China.

The co-branding partnership is established pursuant to a licensing agreement between two partners, according to Eastman.

Under the agreement Eastman will become the first company in the industry to obtain license for the Transformers, a well-known intellectual property. Eastman will leverage on the strengths of its industry leadership in respect of its services and products and introduce the Transformers brand to its customers.

Transformers is a globally celebrated brand. Since entering the Chinese market during the 1980s, it has gained enormous popularity among domestic consumers and has become a cultural phenomenon.

"We will seize on such possibilities and disrupt the traditional to unlock new means of communication with consumers," said Zhang Bo, president for Asia-Pacific at Eastman Performance Film Division.

Zhang said brand collaboration usually arouses consumers' curiosity, giving them a new reason to spend. It usually generates unexpected market feedback. As well as promoting the brand's image, it can also be used to boost sales.

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