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Ordos' 62 coal mines resume production
From:ChinaDaily   |  2020-02-11 20:45

A total of 62 coal mines in Ordos city in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region resumed production recently, according to local authorities.

As of Feb 9, 1.12 million tons of coal had been produced and urgently transported to all parts of the country, to help support novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work.

A spokesman from a coal mine located at the Otog Banner said his company resumed production on Feb 7 and more than 100 vehicles were scheduled to ship coal out every day.

In order to ensure the smooth transportation of coal, Ordos opened three special coal transportation lines and handed out 2,414 passes for coal transport vehicles.

Officials said that at present, the energy supply capacity of Ordos is stable, its energy security capacity has been continuously improved, and it is playing a key role as a national energy strategic base.

As of Feb 9, the city had sold 1.12 million tons of coal, of which 870,000 tons were transported by rail and 250,000 tons were transported by road.

Officials said that 700,000 tons were sold outside the autonomous region and the balance within Inner Mongolia.