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China's former trade negotiator urges closer China-US cooperation
From:ChinaDaily   |  2020-06-17 14:20

BEIJING -- A former Chinese chief trade negotiator has stressed that it is even more important for China and the United States to cooperate amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent report by the South China Morning Post.

"At a time when the coronavirus pandemic is still threatening global cooperation, I think it's even more important to uphold and carry forward a spirit of cooperation," the SCMP's report on Monday quoted Long Yongtu, China's former chief negotiator for entry into the World Trade Organization, as saying.

Speaking at a seminar in China's Jiangsu Province last week, Long said China and the United States are too intertwined to be decoupled.

The "competitive" bilateral relationship does not mean the two countries "have to confront or clash with each other," he said, adding, "just like in a market economy, although many companies are competitors, competition doesn't lead to exclusion or prevent finding a common interest."

China and the United States can surely find a place to cooperate since the two economies are already intertwined, he said.

Noting that the United States in last month expressed its willingness to continue to have an open and constructive relationship with China, Long said he believes the two sides can form a cooperative relationship "as long as China and the US are willing to seek common ground while reserving differences."