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Products of Chinese companies arouse great interest at Mobile World Congress
From:English.news.cn  |  2017-03-01 09:05

An employee works at her booth during the second day of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Feb. 28, 2017. (Xinhua/Lino De Vallier)

BARCELONA, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- Products of Chinese companies have aroused great interest among visitors of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the most important event of the mobile phone industry.

Some visitors told Xinhua that the increasing quality of Chinese companies' technology and their more affordable prices, in the end, make it easier for people with less resources gain the access to technology devices.

A better access to technology helps bridge the digital divide which has an impact on education as well and prevents some citizens from learning the appropriate skills to face today's world dominated by the use of Internet, technology and innovation.

Daniel Tordable, who came to the MWC for the last innovations displayed by leading companies, showed a special interest in Chinese products, including smartphones, wearables and all kinds of gadgets.

"They offer high technology at more affordable prices when you compare with other brands," he said to Xinhua.

"They offer the possibility of giving access to technology to people with less economic sources, such as mobile phones and other kinds of quality products with a high-tech for an economical price," he said.

"The last item I bought an item was a sport camera because I love riding bikes and skiing and the truth is that I saved almost 200 euros (212 U.S. dollars) comparing to other cameras that people usually buy, so I am glad," he pointed out.

"I consider that China is leading innovation and as a time goes by, they have more competitive products at lower prices as opposed to other countries' products, I trust Chinese products."

Francisco Gonzalez travels a lot around Asia and in China, having broad knowledge about Chinese products. He emphasized the importance of the event such as the MWC to learn about them.

"In these events there are very interesting companies," he said, adding, "Chinese companies mark a trend in technology."

OPPO, for example, has presented this week the 5x smartphone photography technology at the Mobile World Congress. Meanwhile, Meizu has launched a 20-minute full and safe charging time for a 3,000 mAh cell.

Chinese companies have been showing their potential at the Mobile World Congress, playing an important role in presenting new devices and technology.

The MWC this year aims to beat last year's numbers and turns to the biggest ever one, receiving a total of 101,000 industry professionals and gathering 2,200 exhibitors.

The GSMA, the company representing the interests of over 800 mobile operators and more than 250 firms in the mobile ecosystem, estimated that the event will have an economic impact of 465 million euros (493 million U.S. dollars) and create 13,200 temporary jobs in the city.