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Golden Eagle World to be unveiled in November
By:Jiang Wenran  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2017-03-20 16:49



Shanghai, March 20- E-commerce is suffering bottlenecks with slowing growth in transaction scale as the population and Internet dividend are fading. Some are eagerly seeking offline cooperation with retail stores to explore new growth.


The integration of online business and offline retail is inevitable under the new consumption normal, making the topic of “New Retail” hotly discussed recently. Kevin Su, CEO of Golden Eagle International Retail Group, pointed out that no matter the retail is old or new, “goods” and “channels” are still two big issues.


In Kevin’s view, the retail ability comes from the integrated power of goods and channels. Golden Eagle, once be listed in 2016 New Retail Marketing Events Top 10 with successful organization of Black Friday activities in its retail store. What is the retail group’s next move?


With a total investment of 10 billion yuan, a new retail flagship Golden Eagle World was announced to be unveiled at the end of this year. Notably, the GE World will be built as the Asia’s largest multi-format whole-life experience center.


According to Kevin, six innovative commercial formats of G.LIFE series are ready for public unveiling, including G·MART, G·TAKAYA, G·BEAUTY, G·HEALTH, G·BABY and G·QUTE.


Besides, Golden Eagle is open-minded towards emerging brands. Kevin noted that various ways of cooperation will be considered to welcome those innovative start-up projects’ entry.


New brands and innovative retail formats will be first tried in Shanghai store and then be copied to other stores across the country. The cost of trial and error, in this way, will be greatly reduced, said Kevin.


As for the channel force, the retail group attaches great importance to the overseas purchase and the O2O business. On the one hand, efforts are made to provide customers with overseas goods of same price through direct overseas purchase from strategic partners in Europe and the United States. APP and other online channels are also developed for customers’ convenience on the other hand.


Kevin emphasized that the exploration of New Retail cannot avoid its essences: goods and channels. “Many people in various occasions have shared their thoughts on New Retail, which is just a possibility or a temporary phenomenon. Otherwise what is the point of the future?”