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First exoskeleton robots intelligently made in China
By:Jiang Wenran  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2017-03-20 21:44


东方网记者姜文然3月20日报道:患者的一小步,却是外骨骼机器人技术发展的一大步。继以色列的ReWalk Robotics、日本的Cyberdyne之后,“中国智造”在外骨骼机器人领域也迎来了里程碑式突破。

Shanghai, March 20- A small step for a patient is a big step in the development of exoskeleton robot technology. “Made in China with Wisdom” in this field recently had a landmark breakthrough after Israel’s ReWalk Robotics and Japan’s Cyberdyne.

日前,傅利叶智能在沪正式发布首款下肢外骨骼机器人Fourier X1。据悉,Fourier X1基于核心的力反馈技术开发完成,让下肢瘫痪或偏瘫患者能够借助辅具实现有尊严的行走。

The first lower limb exoskeleton robot Fourier X1 was unveiled in Shanghai last Friday. Based on the advanced force feedback technology, it can make it possible for lower limb paralysis patients walk with the aid of assistive devices.


Gu Jie, CEO of Fourier Intelligence, said Fourier X1 is not a cold machine, but a haptic exoskeleton robot which can identify the user’s walking intention through installed force sensors.

“处于测试阶段的Fourier X1现已开始接待试用者,”顾捷告诉记者,其中,有个完全截瘫,大腿、膝盖、脚踝都没有力量的患者经过Fourier X1一段时间的适应和训练,已能实现初步行走。

The exoskeleton robot is under a testing phase, according to Gu, a complete paraplegia patient has been able to walk preliminarily after training with Fourier X1 for a period of time.


Gu Jie considers it a big step forward from industrial design to commercialization process, “it’s no longer a machine in the laboratory.”


In fact, the exoskeleton robot originates from military applications. Some similar prototype appeared at that time as the United States was to create a “terminator” or “super soldier”. The exoskeleton technology for civil use currently has been developed by two listed companies in the United States and Japan.

但顾捷指出,由于价格高昂(平均一台机器人的价格在60万-100万),普通老百姓难以实现个人购买。而此次发布的Fourier X1产品,据估算,投入市场后,其价格将为国外同类产品的三分之一至五分之一。

But Gu pointed out that their prices are too high for ordinary people, around 600,000 to 1,000,000 yuan per robot. “Our newly released Fourier X1’s price is estimated to be 1/5~1/3 of that of a similar foreign product.”


Notably, Fourier Intelligence is invited as the only Chinese company to participate in WearRACon 2017 held next month in Phoenix, the United States, to share their core technology breakthroughs in force feedback, perception and interaction, etc.