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Employment stability of city’s migrant labors rises
By:Jiang Wenran  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2017-09-07 17:00

Shanghai, September 6- A report on the employment status of the city’s migrant labors is recently released by Employment Promotion Center, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources Social Security Bureau.

According to the report, the inflow of labor from other provinces and cities has been declining for years. While the employment stability and educational background of migrant labors is on the rise.

Statistics show that at the end of June 2017, registered migrant labors in Shanghai totaled 4.5 million. The number of migrant labors who come to Shanghai for the first time decreased. And the overall scale of the city’s migrant labors shows a shrinking trend.

Experts pointed out that profound change has taken place on the aspect of population structure in China in recent years. And the supply and demand of the human resources market have also changed.

At the same time, the development of central and western China is speeding up, which makes more and more people find jobs in their hometown.

While to see from the city’s migrant labors’ average employment cycle, the employment stability is enhanced unceasingly. In June 2017, registered migrant labors enjoy an average employment period of 35.3 months, 6.8 months increased compared with five years ago.

Statistics also show that the educational background of migrant labors in Shanghai is on the rise in recent years.