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中英双语 Deputy Governor: the New Development Bank starts well with renewable infrastructure projects
By:Jiang Wenran  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2017-11-24 16:08



  As the first international multilateral financial institution with headquarters in Shanghai, the New Development Bank BRICS has been attracting attention since its establishment in July 2015.


  Zhu Xian, Deputy Governor of the New Development Bank BRICS, shared the project operation status of the bank during an exclusive interview with a reporter from Eastday.com.


  The bank has joined in seven projects since its establishment, with total loansof 1.5 billion dollars. Zhu stated that the first batch of loan projects include China’s intelligent new-energy demonstration project, Brazil’s renewable-energy enlending project, India’s renewable-energy electricity enlending project as well as South Africa’s transmission network and renewable-energy project.


  Notably, the Shanghai Intelligent New-energy Promotion and Application Demonstration Project is the city’s first 100,000-kilowatt PV project. Located in Shanghai Lingang, the project aims to explore energy management practices and a public service center based on energy big data.


  The project agreement was signed last November and is now in the preparation stage. According to Zhu, it will be implemented and financedsoon. With a total investment of 750 million Yuan, the project is expected to contribute to a yearly emission reduction of 88,360 tons of carbon dioxide.


  From the very beginning all these projects are green, sustainable and new-energy, suggesting that the bank is focusing on infrastructure construction for future sustainable development. Zhu also noted that the city is accelerating its innovation-driven development and the bank will in the future be more involved in Shanghai’s intelligent and innovative projects.


  Shanghai, one of the most developed coastal cities in China, has a lot of unique experience in innovative undertakings, Zhu said, and added that the cooperation between the bank and the city won’t be limited to traditional infrastructure projects but more innovative ones. "The city’s innovation practicescan be shared among the five member countries; and overseas investment can also be explored at the same time. "


  Zhu also revealed that the bank’s total loansthis year is expected to reach USD 2.5 billion, covering 15 projects from the five BRICS countries.