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China student aid development report 2017
From:ChinaDaily   |  2018-03-14 10:24

As an important project to ensure living standards and warm people's hearts, the national student financial aid system has been linked with poverty alleviation and social equality. In 2017, work on student financial aid made new breakthroughs and progress under the combined efforts of the finance and education ministries, local governments and schools.

The national student aid policy system has been improved, the financial fund has been extended to a larger scale, and scientific and regulated management has been promoted, providing a solid foundation to support impoverished students to not drop out because of family financial difficulties.

1. National student financial aid policies further improved

1.1 Seamless connection to aid students in higher education

In April 2017, the ministries of finance and education, the People's Bank of China and the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a document to further improve the policy of achieving seamless connection to aid students in higher education.

1.1.1 Ensuring a multifaceted financial aid policy for postgraduate students

Organizations responsible for postgraduate education, such as scientific research institutes, Party schools, administration schools and accounting schools, should fully implement the policy and ensure that eligible students receive proper subsidies.

1.1.2 Including students from preparatory schools in the scope of higher education funding

Students entering preparatory schools should be eligible for national grants and student loans at the corresponding education stage.

1.1.3 Promoting the full coverage of national student loans

By expanding the scope of national student loans, all kinds of colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, Party schools, administration schools and accounting schools can be covered, and so are full-time regular undergraduate students, graduate students and preparatory school students.

1.1.4 Implementing equivalent financial aid policies for private colleges and universities

It has been clarified that private colleges and universities can enjoy equivalent financial aid policies, such as student loans, scholarships and grants.