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Premier Li: China will not seek expansion
From:ChinaDaily   |  2018-03-20 12:32

China will not seek expansion, as it is a developing country with no expansionary intentions - even if it grows stronger in the future, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Tuesday.

The nation will not follow older logic that a strong country is bound to seek hegemony, he added.

China has achieved peaceful development, and a peaceful international environment is still what China needs to achieve full modernization.

In recent years, China's economic growth has contributed around 30 percent to global growth, which is important for global economic recovery and good for upholding global peace,

because with more trade there's going to be more negotiations that help to keep conflict away, Li explained.

"One must not do to others what one himself does not like," he said.

China pursues peaceful development, though the nation is most resolute in upholding its own territorial integrity and will not abandon a single inch of its own land, Li said. And in the same way, China will not occupy an inch of the land of others, he added.

"China will continue to focus its energy on managing China's own affairs well."

China wants to develop relations with all other countries and regions on the basis of mutual respect and equal, mutual benefit. "We will together to build a community of shared future together."