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Documentary captures heroism of Shanghai medical workers
From:ChinaDaily   |  2020-05-22 14:22

A six-episode documentary featuring stories of Shanghai medics fighting against COVID-19 and local government's effort began airing on Dragon TV starting Thursday.

A co-production by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Shanghai Media Group, the documentary dubbed Life Matters aims to show the orderly, efficient effort by Shanghai medical workers and government officials in containing the epidemic and protecting people in the country.

The first four episodes focus on the front line stories of around 100 Shanghai medical workers dispatched to the hardest-hit city in China - Wuhan, Hubei province, while the last two episodes illustrate the efficient, quick response to the virus by the public health system in Shanghai.

Main filming locations include the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention, fever clinics at major hospitals in Shanghai and Wuhan, and the main entrances and exits.

"Each of the over 1,600 medics dispatched to Wuhan has his or her own story. What we can do is to do our utmost to record their stories, stitching their memories in the battle against COVID-19 together like doing a puzzle," said Fan Shiguang, chief director of the documentary.

"The documentary will be very valuable historical data."