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Pakistani lauds effort to curb epidemic in Wuhan
From:ChinaDaily   |  2020-06-30 09:16

Pakistani Sultan Danishi, a PhD candidate who witnessed Wuhan's fight against COVID-19, has been back in his office and lab since June 6 and is working on new science experiments at Hubei University in Wuhan, Hubei province.

"During the epidemic period, I understood myself better and adopted a positive approach toward improving my personal skills," he said.

The 27-year-old utilized the time to design new experiments, write research papers and learn Chinese online.

In addition, he volunteered to help some international students by delivering masks, cooking for others and encouraging them not to panic. "It teaches me how we can help others psychologically and give them moral support to fight against any disease," said Danishi, adding that he has become more responsible, caring and kind.

Danishi used videos, articles and other ways to show the world the real and moving story of Wuhan. One of his articles is included in the book Witness China's Combating COVID-19.

He mentioned Wu Yaling, a nurse who left her hometown to support Wuhan. When she was informed that her mother passed away, she swallowed her grief, bowed three times in the direction of home and stuck to her post. "I salute you, my sister, from the core of my heart," he said.

Danishi, who came to Wuhan in September to study for a doctorate at the school of material science and engineering of Hubei University, said the world has witnessed China's great efforts, the way it has managed and controlled this outbreak.

The epidemic control measures that were put in place gave him more confidence in China and the Chinese people. "We are thankful to these unbreakable people, especially doctors, nurses, engineers, military and educational institutes," he said.

His parents worried about him in the beginning, but he chose to stay. He told them that the students who stayed on campus during the winter vacation were taken good care of.

They were provided with masks, thermometers, food and other medical supplies and daily necessities, and their health conditions were checked regularly.

"All the international students were negative in the recent nucleic acid tests. That's a great achievement of Hubei University staff. They saved us," Danishi said.

What moved him most was his mentor, professor Wang Xianbao, who "takes care of me like my father".

"I had a stomachache during the epidemic and dared not to go to the hospital. It was my mentor who rushed to help me and sent medicine to me," he explained.

"Hardships tell us the real faces of our pals and foes. For me, China is the country that provided me with the best of education, ensured my safety and protection just like my motherland and, above all, provided me an environment that gives the vibes of a family," he said.

In mid-March, when Pakistani President Arif Alvi visited China, Danishi, as a representative of overseas students, spoke to the president by video link. He told the president that in Wuhan he saw the medical workers who stepped forward, felt the determination of the Chinese people fighting against the epidemic and admired the decisive measures taken by the Chinese government.

"The epidemic is an unforgettable experience. After graduation, I will continue to study and work in China to promote cooperation between China and Pakistan," Danishi said.