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The Story of China's Reform and Opening Up - The will of Chinese people
From:ChinaDaily   |  2020-11-16 06:45

The Story of China's Reform and Opening Up, a five-episode documentary directed by a British historian, aired on the BBC and on China's video platform Tencent, where it became an online hit.

While each episode is just under 15 minutes in length, the documentary covers the history of the initiative, China going global, its scientific and technological development, its environmental challenges and China's future.

Michael Wood, the documentary director and a former BBC presenter, interviewed at least 40 people in the UK, the US and China, hoping to decode the success of those 40 years.

Many social media users found the documentary touching, as it demonstrates the fast and colossal changes China has experienced during those historic years.

The films have already been shown on the Tencent video app in China. One-minute excerpts have also been shown on the Douyin video app, also known as TikTok in other territories, and they have been viewed more than 100 million times.

"I have so much to say but I cannot because I'm moved to tears," one commenter said.

Check out the first episode of The Story of China's Reform and Opening Up here -The will of Chinese people.

Courtesy of China Review Studio