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China's cyberspace strategy unveiled
From:Xinhua  |  2017-03-02 10:02

China released its strategy on cyberspace cooperation yesterday, aiming for jointly building a community of shared future in cyberspace. The International Strategy of Cooperation on Cyberspace is the first China has released regarding the virtual domain, illustrating China’s approach to cyberspace cooperation.

China, home to the largest number of Internet users, has long called for greater cooperation among nations in developing and governing the Internet, while reiterating the need to respect cyber sovereignty.

The strategy is based on peace, sovereignty, shared governance and shared benefits. The strategy was issued by the foreign ministry and State Internet Information Office.

The strategic goals of China’s participation in international cyberspace cooperation are: the safeguarding of China’s sovereignty, security and development interests in cyberspace; the secure and orderly flow of information on the Internet; improved global connectivity; maintaining of peace, security and stability in cyberspace; enhancement of international rule of law in cyberspace; the promotion of the global development of the digital economy; and deepening cultural exchange and mutual learning, according to the strategy.

China’s action plan includes promoting the building of rules-based order in cyberspace, expanding partnership with other countries, boosting institutional reform in Internet governance, jointly combating cyber terrorism and crimes, and protecting individual privacy in cyberspace.

China supports Internet-based innovation and entrepreneurship, and is committed to assisting developing countries with cyber security capacity building.

The country supported the formulation of cyberspace trade rules and effective policy coordination among countries, the strategy statement added. China would work with other countries to strengthen global information infrastructure to facilitate the smooth flow of information, and facilitate cyber culture cooperation.

With the animation, comic and games industry as a priority area, China would carry out practical cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road, encourage Chinese enterprises to provide online cultural products and services catered to local needs based on local cultural resources.

According to the strategy, the strengthening of cyber capabilities is a key part of China’s military modernization.

China would help in the military’s important role in “safeguarding national cyberspace sovereignty, security and development interests” and “hasten the building of cyberspace capabilities”, the strategy said, but it also called on countries to “guard against cyberspace becoming a new battlefield”.