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Video: China in one minute, moving at warp speed
From:People's Daily  |  2018-03-13 14:37

With the opening of China's annual two sessions, People's Daily will launch a series of promotional videos called China in One Minute. Today's first episode is Moving at warp speed.

In one minute, 33 babies are born.

In one minute, 20 new families are started. In one minute, 26 people secure new jobs.

In one minute, 35217 tourists travel.

In one minute, 46,804G of mobile data is used.

In one minute, 10.43 million yuan online retail sales are made.

In one minute, couriers receive and deliver 76,000 parcels.

In one minute, mobile transactions worth 379 million yuan are made.

In one minute, riding shared bicycles reduces more than 13.2 tons of carbon emissions.

In one minute, the Jiaolong submersible descends 50m at most.

In one minute, a Fuxing bullet train travels 5,833m.

In one minute, the Sunway Taihu Light supercomputer processes 7,500,000 trillion calculations.

In one minute, 3.33 million yuan is invested in research.

In one minute, 140000 square meters of forests are planted.

In one minute, 475.6m rural roads are retreaded.

In one minute, 55 vehicles are manufactured.

In one minute, 1,176 tons of grain is produced.

In one minute, goods worth 52.88 million yuan are traded.

In one minute, 157 million yuan in GDP is created.

China's achievements happen every minute.

With decades of hard work, socialism with Chinese characteristics has crossed the threshold into a new era.

Forty years of reform and opening up contribute to a China Miracle.

A new era, a new starting point.

(Compiled by Li Lei, Han Xiaomeng)