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The return of 'Detective Conan' leads to nostalgia
From:chinadaily  |  2018-04-12 10:15

The long-running mystery manga Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan), which has a strong fan base in Asia resumes today after a four-month hiatus.

Announcing the big news on April fool’s day, the publisher Gosho Aoyam made it clear that it was not a prank. “Today is April fool’s but rest assured there are absolutely no lies in what is written here,” read the message Gosho Aoyam posted on Shogakukan Inc.

Detective Conan tells a story about a genius high school student detective who shrank into a young boy after he was forced to take a toxin. He enrolled in an elementary school and takes on the alias Conan Edogawa in a nod to the writer Arthur Conan Doyle. And together with detective Kogoro Mori and his daughter Ran, Conan helps the police solve difficult mysteries.

Detective Conan [Photo/CGTN]

Running since 1994, the comic grows up with the 80’s generation and an inseparable part of their childhood memory. Another well-loved series is coming back – Slam Dunk, basketball-themed manga serialized from 1990 to 1996 is also a fond memory from childhood.

Many netizens said: “Now the basketballers are coming back, and so is the little detective boy. For a moment, I thought I was turning back the clock.”

Most people can relate with the two comic series probably because both of them highlight common values and characteristics that we have when we were young.

Slam Dunk[Photo/CGTN]

With Slam Dunk, the main characters are growing up and struggling with their dreams. With Detective Conan, there are courage, friendship, and wisdom. The return of the anime is an opportunity to remember who we once were.

“It wasn't until we were adults that we realized the world wasn't what it looked like in comics. Time flies, but only lingers on them. The young man we adore will always stay young.”