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Pipers’ stirring invitation
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2018-08-06 16:29

THE new and magnificentLouzaPolice Station, behind theRacquetCourt, was opened on Saturday evening with a dinner followed by speeches and songs, given by the European members of the municipal police under the presidency of the captain Superintendent, Mr J. P.McEuen, R.N.

In the large upper room on the third floor, which is intended to be used as a dormitory for the European constables, and which was decorated with flags and evergreens, two long tables were laid out with a cross table at one end, and here soon after eight more than a hundred and thirtyconvivesassembled, preceded up the winding stairs by the piper, playing a stirring invitation to the banquet.

CaptainMcEuenwas in the chair, and he was supported by MrCarles, British Vice-Consul, the Mixed Court Magistrate, several members of the Municipal Council, etc. Chief Inspector Cameron, supported by MrEmens, US Vice Consul General, was at the end of one of the long tables and InspectorKluthof the other.

All the learned professions, the arts and sciences, the royal navy, the volunteers and the mercantile marine, and of course commerce were represented in the company.

The dinner, which was provided by the Astor House, was solid and substantial, the beer and porter as well as the wines were beyond questions, and notwithstanding the large attendance and the gas, the ventilation was so admirable that there were no complaints of the heat, and it was never impossible to see through the clouds of smoke.

The pipers marched up and down theverandahduring dinner, enlivening the entertainment with their weird harmonies, and if some of the speeches might have been abbreviated without disadvantage, there were no apparent signs of weariness in speakers or hearers.

Songs, much above the average of after-dinner melody, and a violin trio had been liberally interspersed among the speeches and it was nearly 1am when the last speaker sat down, and the company, well satisfied, went home through the fog.