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Chinese Tai Chi culture delegation starts U.S. tour
From:Xinhua  |  2019-02-09 21:29

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- A team of Chinese Tai Chi masters Friday started their tour to the United States to promote Chinese Tai Chi culture to overseas Chinese and American Kung Fu fans.

The delegation, led by Chen Zhenglei, noted Chinese Tai Chi masters and successors of the national intangible cultural heritage in China, consists of five masters representing Chen-style and Yang-style Tai Chi and former champions of Tai Chi competition both at home and abroad.

"Tai Chi is a national treasure of China that has a profound and long history, and practicing benefits both physical and mental health," Chen said at the opening ceremony launching the 12-day America tour of the China Tai Chi Culture World Tour, which aims to promote Chinese culture and Tai Chi culture outside China.

The masters from the Chinese Tai Chi team will run two days' training courses for Tai Chi fans and lovers in the United States, and teach them in person the skills and expertise of how to best practice Tai Chi.

Around 150 Tai Chi lovers, both overseas Chinese and Americans, from the Bay Area will attend the training.

San Francisco is the first stop of the team's 12-day Tai Chi Culture World Tour. The trip will also take them to two other U.S. cities of Las Vegas and Los Angeles.