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In Shanghai for the holiday? Don’t worry, there’s heaps to check out
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2020-05-02 04:29

CHINA’S May Day, or Labor Day, holiday is in full swing, and it’s looking to be the first chance many Chinese get to travel the country since the Spring Festival all but came to a screeching halt over the spread of novel coronavirus.

Around 7 million are expected to travel on trains in the Yangtze River Delta region alone, with a peak between Thursday and next Tuesday, and 50 extra services have been put on track in and out of Shanghai to take care of the increase in travel.

Airlines, too, have seen marked increases in passenger numbers on domestic flights, and that will likely peak as well over May Day.

But for those of us not quite willing to spread our legs out of the city just yet, there is plenty on offer to help while away the five days inside Shanghai. From beaches and sunbathing to selfies, long walks and relaxation, Shanghai is still the place to be.

Summer on the beach

Seemingly unknown by Shanghai’s expat community, the man-made beach inside Daning Lingshi Park in Jing’an District is a slice of summery heaven right in the city.

Only a 10-minute walk from the Shanghai Circus World station on Metro Line 1, the 68-hectare park has an entry fee of just 2 yuan (28 US cents) and features beautiful greenery, a large, man-made lake where locals enjoy fishing, taking selfies and jetting around on small boats, and a few sculptures to boot.

The park’s man-made beach would have to be one of the most interesting attractions, and while you’re not allowed to swim here, the soft, golden sand is the perfect place to build sandcastles, sunbathe, read a book or just people-watch.

Don’t forget sunscreen!

Instant noodle exhibition

Probably one of the first foods many around the world might think of when they imagine China is the ubiquitous noodle. While freshly pulled and boiled noodles are by far the preference of most, instant noodles also play a key role here, becoming the choice of many for a quick bite during study or an overnight train journey.

That culture around the hearty instant noodle is what’s behind a new exhibition which opened yesterday: The Museum of Instant Noodles.

While the name might suggest a serious journey through history, this exhibition is anything but. Sure, there are some nuggets of information along the way, but this is mostly a fun and colorful exhibition set up for the selfie lover who also happens to be a fan of instant noodles.

Sit in a giant bowl of noodles, pose in a mock long-distance train carriage, take a snap in the upside-down house (that seemingly has nothing at all to do with noodles), or pose in a space capsule. The Insta-opportunities are endless.

And at the end of it all, you can even put together your own recipe of instant noodles and decorate your own instant noodle cup. Sounds fun to me!

Tickets start at 48 yuan, but you better get in quick!

Take a walk

Shanghai has a myriad of beautiful walking opportunities, great for social distancing while getting out and about and moving your body. If you haven’t had a chance to check out any of Shanghai’s new walkways lately, this holiday should be it!

Keeping safe

While Shanghai is largely open for May Day, including the top tourist sites like the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and so on, measures are still in place and we still need to protect ourselves from the risk of COVID-19.

Be sure to research any places you wish to visit in advance since crowd control measures are in place, and top tourist sites are requiring booking in advance and no on-site sales.

Remember to keep at least 1 meter away from others, wear a mask, avoid unventilated areas with lots of people, wash your hands often, don’t touch your face, and don’t share food utensils.

Apart from that, have an amazing May Day holiday, folks!

Daning Lingshi Park

Address: 288 Guangzhong Road W. (near Wanrong Road)

Museum of Instant Noodles

Address: Level 3, North Building, Joy City, 166 Xizang Road N.