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General Hospital is reoccupied
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2020-05-16 04:29

THE General Hospital reoccupied its permanent quarters in North Soochow Road on January 14. Patients and equipment being shifted during the day from the Henry Lester Institute of Medical Research, 1320 Avenue Road, in fire brigade ambulances and lorries respectively. Three ambulances were used to convey 30 men, women and children from the temporary wards to Hongkow and all had been safely transferred by noon.

The capacity of the General Hospital is 220 beds, but for the time being only a much smaller number will be available. Dr. G. Chambers, medical superintendent, Mr. J. E. Melchior, treasurer and the large nursing staff composed of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary are now all installed in the hospital.

Generally speaking, the building suffered a little during the recent hostilities. The damage to the operating theatre, which was struck by a shell, has been partly repaired. In the garden, just inside the wall in North Soochow Road, are two sizable shell-holes, the missiles having apparently come over the building from the northwest in the course of Chinese shelling. One projectile exploded in the “boys” quarters, which were damaged.

The heat has been on in the large structure for a week in preparation for the return of patients and staff.

In the morning smoke was pouring from the kitchen chimney. From a tree near the main entrance a bird-cage (with bird) was suspended, lending a Chinese touch to the return.

The homecoming ended an exile which began on August 16, last year, when the hostilities had just started. At that time the hospital removed to the new Chase Bank Building in Nanking Road. It was later transferred to the Henry Lester Institute.

Excerpt from The North-China Herald on January 19, 1938