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Benevolent benefactor’s city pledge
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2020-06-13 04:29

At the request of The China Press the donor gives the following message to the public of Shanghai:

The donor and his wife, having spent the best part of their working lives in China, have erected and equipped the Country Hospital for the use and benefit of this cosmopolitan community, hoping thereby to contribute in some small measure to the reinforcement of that spirit of goodwill and cordial cooperation which has for many years united for the common good the many nationalities and races living and working here side-by-side.

The comforts of the Country Hospital are extended, without distinction of nationalities, race or religion, to all may be afflicted with ill health, and the donors ask for no greater reward than that this same spirit of cheerful goodwill for all and malice towards none may gradually and firmly unite all those whose lot it is to dwell in this city.

Provision has been made for those without means in two wards commemorating the names of two of the most public-spirited and charitable doctors Shanghai has ever known, and nothing would be more gratifying to the donors than to see the example thus set followed by other similar endowments of single beds or of entire wards.

Excerpt from The China Press, June 9, 1926