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Poetry award winner was top diplomat of Yugoslavia
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2020-10-24 04:29

DRAGAN Dragojlovic was born in 1941 in Serbia. He graduated and obtained his master’s degree in Economics at Belgrade University. Among other things, he served as ambassador of Yugoslavia in Australia and New Zealand from 1997 to 2001. He has published about 20 books of poetry as well as children’s books and two novels. His books have been translated in Poland, India, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Romania and the United States.

“Death’s Homeland” was published in English first in Belgrade in 1997 and the US in 2008. It achieved global success and received excellent reviews. His writings captured the horrors of the war and ethnic conflicts that led to the breakup of Yugoslavia. In one his poems, he asks: “what are we to do with so much grief?”

He tells the truth in startling images and expresses the resilience of the human spirit in the midst of despair with lines like: “what joy a single star can bring.”

“The Book of Love” is a hymn of love as well as an exploration of humanity. Published in 1992, it was translated in Mandarin in 2013. Many of the poems in this collection expresses love that is engraved in memory. “Do you remember the color of my voice?” goes a line in the book.

“Dragojlovic has a knack for using bold images, which has given his poems wings to fly,” Zhao wrote in the preface of the Chinese edition of the book.