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3 reasons to raise a glass in Dry January, from award-winning mixologist Kazuhisa Arai
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2021-01-09 04:29

THE multi-award-winning Sober Company is a jewel in Shanghai’s cocktail bar and restaurant crown. Its general manager and master of mixology, Kazuhisa Arai recommends three Sober cocktails that’ll leave you tastefully tipsy.

• Irish Coffee (served hot)

Jameson dripped coffee, muscovado, whipped cream

The perfect warm drink for the season. Different from simply mixing, we drip coffee into whisky. The flavors combine deeply to create a harmonious taste with the muscovado and cream.

• Perfumed

Pisco, chrysanthemum, lychee

Smell the smooth aroma of chrysanthemum and taste the refreshing flavor of lychee. An easy drink that pairs well with food.

• Local Happiness

Peddlers gin, lapsang, pistachio, cacao butter, orangette

Created in honor of local industry using Shanghai gin. Pistachio nuts, colloquially known as “happy fruits,” give the cocktail its name. Smell citrus and cacao butter and taste lapsang tea with gin on the first sip. Let the middle flavor of pistachio develop, followed by a wash of milk combined with cacao.

Kazuhisa Arai, general manager of Sober Company

At age 20, Arai began bartending in Japan and has since studied mixology for over a decade. Career highlights include winning World Mix Master at the 2016 Jameson Bartender’s Ball. Arai’s cocktails fuse classic Japanese style with modern mixology, creating a memorable experience for every guest.

In the William Reed 2020 edition of The World’s 50 Best Bars, sponsored by Perrier, Sober Company ranked 12th in Asia and 42nd in the world. It was named Best International Restaurant and Bar at the 2020 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards.

Sober Company

Address: 99 Yandang Road

Tel: 5309 8261