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The art carnival of the 2018 Spring Festival is coming
By:Luo Yiqing  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2018-02-06 09:12

Liu Hai Playing with Frogs 36x50cm [Photo/Eastday.com]

From February 3 to 11, the art carnival of the 2018 Spring Festival will be held in Shanghai Art Hall.

As soon as the free appointment from the cloud website was opened, the admission tickets were sold out. Therefore, the sponsor increases the tickets from February 3 to 8 by 200 tickets a day.

Taohuawu New Year Painting [Photo/Eastday.com]

The main activities of this carnival include “New Year paintings exhibition”,“Spring Festival couplets exhibition” and “Folk arts and crafts exhibition”. What’s more, there are also performances of Chinese drama, Chinese folk art forms, acrobatics and dancing.

New Year painting: This Is a Real Money Tree 72x42cm [Photo/Eastday.com]

“New Year paintings exhibition” will display 60 pieces of paintings, the earliest one of which was collected in the early days of liberation. The exhibition invites Yang Liuqing from Tianjing and Taohuawu from Suzhou.

One of the paper cuttings [Photo/Eastday.com]

The Chinese character “Fu” by the director of Shanghai Calligrapher's Association, Zhou Zhigao. [Photo/Eastday.com]

“Spring Festival couplets exhibition” invites many calligraphy amateurs of different ages. The oldest calligrapher is 102 years old. There is also a huge wall with 108 types of “Fu” on it.

Palm plaiting handicrafts [Photo/Eastday.com]

“Folk arts and crafts exhibition” will display some traditional folk crafts related to the customs of the Spring Festival. Besides the paper cuttings, there are also wood carving, jade carving, silver jewelery, bamboo carving and straw plaiting. There are also many interactive activities to learn the traditional folk crafts.

The bolster of Chinese New Year [Photo/Eastday.com]

The carnival also sets a New Year gifts market where you can buy gifts and souvenirs such as post cards, seals of the year of dog, fabrics, etc.