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Theme of the 12th Shanghai Biennale: Proregress
By:Luo Yiqing  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2018-02-06 09:23

The 10th Shanghai Biennale [Photo/PSA]

The tallest chimney in Asia is the symbol of the Shanghai contemporary culture. The Power Station of Art (PSA) is where the Shanghai Biennale is held. Before Spring Festival, PSA announced that the theme of the 12th Shanghai Biennale was “Proregress——The art of historical contradiction”.

Cuauhtémoc Medina, the Planner of this year’s Shanghai Biennale, said “Proregress” is the gait of ancient Chinese Taoist rites. Yubu reminds us the importance of exploring a new way of thinking. Other three deputy planners are María Belén Sáez de Ibarra from Bogota, Yukie Kamiya from New York and Wang Weiwei from Shanghai.

Cuauhtémoc Medina, the Planner of this year’s Shanghai Biennale [Photo/PSA]

“It is a time of moving forward and looking back. This Shanghai Biennale will deeply explore the social character of the contemporary art.” said Medina.“Proregress” is a word created by the American poet E.?E.?Cummings. The word combines the meaning of both “progress” and “regress”.

Logo of the 12th  Shanghai Biennale[Photo/PSA]

Gong Yan, the curator of the PSA, said the most important work recently is to host the 12th Shanghai Biennale.

Speaking of the choice of the biennial works, the planners aim at exploring the poetic try of the works about the global advance and retreat relationship. The Shanghai Biennale will enhance the awareness of the state of the moment by artistic practice and specific works.

The 12th Shanghai Biennale will be held from November 10, 2018 to March 10, 2019 in the Power Station of Art.

External view of PSA [Photo/PSA]