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Emoticons show your age? Wechat user feedback report 2018
By:Wang Jiaye  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2019-01-10 16:46

China's most popular social media platform Wechat released its annual data report. It shows that in 2018 the app had 1.08 billion monthly active users sending 45 billion messages per day, and completing 410 million voice and videos calls in total.

Notably, users from different age groups like to use different Wechat emojis and have different usage styles on social media, according to the report.

People born in the year 2000 and beyond like to use "facepalm". Getting up early and going to bed late leave them with the shortest sleeping time. Also, they have a sweet tooth. The number of those who pay for cool drinks and sweets increased by 230% from the previous year.

People born in the 1990s, most of who are in their twenties, like to send "crying while laughing". On average, they take public transportation 25 times per month, the most frequent among all the age groups. Their reading preference has transferred from entertainment gossip three years ago to life and relationships today.

"Grin" is widely used by those born from 1980 to 1989. They devote most of their energy to work in the daytime. Current affairs have remained their reading focus over the past three years.

For those born in the 1970s, "titter" is their favorite. They love to share or watch Moments in their leisure time, and usually go to sleep at about 11:30 p.m.

So are these generalized statistics true for our much smaller sample below?

Lu (female, born in the 2000s): Basically I agree. But I get up late and go to sleep early, as do many around me. (She sent the emoticon "crying while laughing" and a cute sticker.)

Gao (male, born in the 1990s): Yes, it's me!

Zhang (female, born in the 1990s): It's basically true. I do often take the metro and bus, and ride a shared bicycle as well.

Qian (male, born in the 1980s): I pay more attention to daily life on social media, say, how to save money. (He used the emoticon "facepalm".)

Wang (female, born in the 1980s): According to the report, I should have been born in the 2000s! But I keep early hours.

Shen (female, born in the 1970s): I often use "facepalm". Well, actually, I feel there are no distinct features on social media for my generation.