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University-invented waste processor to shine at fair
By:Zheng Qian  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2019-09-12 14:39

In the fine brown soil grows fresh bean sprouts. This is part of a fermentation process project and equipment for the efficient treatment of wet waste to be exhibited by Shanghai Ocean University at the approaching 21st China International Industry Fair from September 17 to 21.

Liu Haiquan, a professor from the College of Food Science and Technology of the university, said the soil smells similar to barbeque and is made from kitchen waste.

With the garbage processing device and microbial glycolysis system the university team have invented, kitchen waste can be transformed to fertilizer and animal feed within 5 hours, which is 6 times faster than the current wet waste treatment technology on the market. The end product is powdery and the organic recovery rate is at least 50%.

“In the past, we were all too embarrased to say that we were studying ‘garbage’, but now garbage classification has become a new fashion, so research on the garbage disposal terminal has become fashionable too,” said Liu, who started waste research in 2010, cheerfully.

Currently, Liu and his team are further optimizing the technology for it to be applied to various other scenarios. In the future, they will do field tests before fully promoting the waste processor’s application.