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Measures facilitate speedy ATA customs clearance
By:Fu Yifei, Wu Qiong  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2019-11-03 17:04

In order to facilitate customs clearance for the goods being exhibited in the China International Import Expo (CIIE), the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai (CPIT Shanghai) has set up an ATA work station near Pudong International Airport.

Most of the imported exhibits with an ATA carnet (an international customs document for temporary import or export) in the 2019 CIIE are high-tech products, especially the latest concept car models and accessories brought to China by automobile companies in various countries, accounting for nearly half of the exhibited goods. In addition, aircraft models, train models and industrial robots with the latest technology are also key products for overseas exhibitors who participate in the expo. According to the supportive measure which states that, “The period for the first temporary entry of exhibits under the ATA carnet is extended to one year instead of the current 6 months”, the exhibitors of the second expo can make full use of the validity period of this carnet, ensuring follow-up promotion of the exhibits in China and expanding the exhibition effect.

On September 26, 2019, a new type of Italian Iveco truck was shipped from the port of La Spezia to the Yangshan port in Shanghai, becoming the first customs clearance exhibit of the second China International Import Expo. The exhibit, issued an ATA carnet by the Italian Chamber of Commerce, weighs about three tons, with a total value of about 48 thousand euros. The Certification Department of the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai has put it on electronic record.

In fact, as early as before the first CIIE which was held last November, the CPIT Shanghai formulated a work plan for the guarantee of the entry and exit customs clearance service of exhibits, providing a high-quality service guarantee for the smooth clearance of exhibits in the Expo with ATA Carnets. According to statistics, the first customs clearance exhibits to be shown in the Expo for two consecutive years have all been handled under the ATA carnet.

The ATA carnet system provides full customs clearance convenience for the temporary flow of goods around the world, and promotes the exchange and development of international trade, science and technology, culture and sports. In 1958, under the proposal of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Customs Convention on the ATA Carnet for the Temporary Admission of Goods was drafted. In December 1961, the Customs Cooperation Council formally signed the ATA Convention. In July 1963, the Convention entered into force. In May 1992, China acceded to the ATA Convention and approved the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai to undertake the issuing and guarantee of ATA carnets.