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[Video] How new regulations of garbage sorting affects city’s foreigners
By:Eastday  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2019-12-24 13:11

Since the new garbage sorting regulations took effect on July 1, foreigners living in Shanghai have begun to adapt to a new lifestyle.

Adam, from the UK, is a freelancer. He frequently comes to Shanghai and each time stays for several months to learn Chinese. In the past several months, he has seen what influence the new regulations have brought to his life. “The new regulations were a little bit confusing to start with, so I had to look carefully at the rubbish bins to see which ones I put my rubbish in,” said Adam.

Ben, from Ireland, has been living here for nine years. “At first I found it difficult to differentiate between wet and dry trash, but a Chinese friend taught me a simple test. If a pig can eat it then it’s wet, if not it’s dry!” He said he finds it troublesome to have to take his separated trash to the appropriate bins outside his apartment, especially at designated times, however he understands that this is a necessary process that allows citizens to tackle the problem of wastage.

(Reporters: Wu Qiong, Lu Yukun

 Cameramen: Huang Ziling, Lu Yukun, Zheng Qian

 Film Editor: Zheng Qian)