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Uniqlo releases report on new year yearnings
By:Zheng Qian  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2020-01-14 11:31

Uniqlo, the Japanese clothing brand owned by the Yamaguchi-headquartered Fast Retailing Co Ltd, together with some research institutions in Shanghai, jointly released a report on January 11 concerning Chinese people’s expectations in 2020 for a better life.

Based on 7,792 valid questionnaires, the research aimed to get an insight into the changes in contemporary lifestyles and consumption habits. "Confidence", "freedom", "comfort", "breakthrough" and "efficiency" are the top five keywords people listed for their life desires in 2020.

These yearnings are also reflected directly in the choice of new clothes for the lunar New Year.

In the past, people bought new clothes for the Spring Festival to bring a more festive atmosphere and clothes were mostly consistent with their age and social identity. But nowadays, when choosing clothes, people consider more of showing their confidence, beauty and personality, balancing vitality and freedom.

64.7% of respondents believe that comfortable clothing can make life more comfortable and allow them to calmly cope with job challenges. More than 46.3% believe that clothes can become a channel to make a breakthrough from their original personality, so they are willing to change themselves by trying new fashions, and also bringing themselves luck every day.

Faced with changes in consumers' attitudes towards life, Uniqlo has tried to endow consumers with multiple roles and identities through clothing. Therefore, it is trying multiple styles in design for buyers’ self-expression, and providing more creative and vital options for people of more age groups.