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Webinar connects Shanghai experts and overseas Chinese to combat COVID-19 pandemic
By:Lu Yukun  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2020-03-17 19:07

To support overseas Chinese in combating the novel coronavirus pandemic, a webinar was hosted on March 16th, to connect medical experts in Shanghai and overseas Chinese representatives in Italy, France, Malaysia, Australia and UAE. During the webinar the medical experts shared China’s experienced solutions in the prevention and control of the pandemic.

The video conference room in Shanghai

The overseas Chinese representatives invited to the webinar included: Xu Yinhe, president of the Shanghai-Italy Chamber of Commerce; Wu Tianquan, president of Federation of Chinese Association Malaysia; Ren Limin, president of the Association of Chinese Residents in France; Bian Jun, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai in Sydney Australia; and Wang Chunlian, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai in Sydney Australia. Wang Jue, executive vice president of the Shanghai Chinese Overseas Friendship Association, delivered an opening speech, together with the overseas Chinese representatives.

Video connection between Shanghai medical experts and overseas Chinese

The four Shanghai experts that participated in this video communication were: Dr. Ge Junbo, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chief of the Cardiology Department of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated with Fudan University; Dr. Wu Fan, vice dean of Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University and chair of the Shanghai Preventive Medicine Association; Dr. Zhang Wenhong, leader of the Shanghai team of experts in the treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia cases and director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Shanghai Huashan Hospital Affiliated with Fudan University; and Qing Xie, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine.

The Shanghai medical experts present at the webinar

During the webinar, the overseas Chinese representatives focused on such questions as when the pandemic could end, what factors were behind the high fatality rates in certain countries and how to distinguish between mild and severe infection cases.

Dr. Zhang Wenhong predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic might last for a longer period and we should be prepared to continue to combat the novel coronavirus while resumption of work is already underway. Dr. Wu Fan argued that we should leverage the opportunity brought by the upcoming summer in the Northern Hemisphere to create a barrier conducive to herd immunity considering the effects of temperature and humidity on the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The Shanghai medical experts all agreed that COVID-19 infection can be cured if earlier diagnosis and treatment is in place. These words have boosted the confidence of overseas Chinese in the treatment of this disease.

Given the severe epidemic situation in Italy, which is among the countries with the oldest population in the world, during the second half of the webinar, the Shanghai medical experts also had a video conference with medical and health experts in Italy to talk about the epidemic situation. They exchanged and shared their experience and knowledge in prevention and control measures, medical treatments as well as the latest scientific research breakthroughs.

Nicola Petrosilli, Director of the Infectious Disease Division of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani, and Dr. Pan Xiaolan, a doctor with the Department of Cardio-Cerebral-Vascular Diseases at San Camiro Hospital in Rome also participated in this discussion and they talked about such issues as clinical diagnosis and treatment and public health intervention.

During the event, the Shanghai Chinese Overseas Friendship Association and Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, the organizers of the event in Shanghai, donated a batch of supplies (including N95 respirators, disposable medical masks, medical goggles and medical protective clothing) to the overseas Chinese communities through the overseas Chinese representatives and hope these supplies will be sent to the frontline of the battle against the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy.