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Magnificent global art works touring show comes to Shanghai’s Jiading
By:Zheng Qian, William Wu  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2020-07-21 13:40

A touring exhibition of the 10th International Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts is continuing on in Shanghai’s Jiading Juyuan New Area after its one-month show in the Shanghai Art Collection Museum. Shanghai Municipal and Jiading district leaders as well as representatives from the Consulate Generalsof Argentina and Venezuela in Shanghai took part in the opening ceremony on July 18.

Guests announcing the opening of the touringexhibition at the opening ceremony held in Shanghai on July 18.[Photo provide by the Shanghai Art Collection Museum]

Organized by the Shanghai Art Collection Museum, the Jiading Juyuan New Area Management Committee, the Shanghai Art and Design Academy and the Shanghai Juyuan Cultural Development company, the exhibition attracted famous artists and craftsmen from twenty different countries including China, Japan, Korea, France, Argentina, America, Australia and Ukraine. The exquisite artifacts fully showed the artists’ innovative mastery of traditional art.

A few of China’s most iconic intangible cultural inheritance crafts such as cloisonne, dehua porcelain, bronze sculpture, jade carving and Manchu embroidery stood proudly among the artifacts.

A Chinese cloisonne artifact named “Lucky phoenix feather vase”. [Photo provide by the Shanghai Art Collection Museum]

Exquisite porcelain, metal, and lacquer art works by famed Japanese artists such as Toyasai Ohi and Masayuki Imai are displayed in the show; Meanwhile, Korean metal sculptures and lacquer paintings, Persian enamel jewelry boxes and bronze carved paintings, Ukrainian bronze sculptures and Indian Madubani paintings are all just as dazzling.

A Japanese firing-denatured bowl and a dripping glaze tea bowl by the Ohi family. [Photo provide by the Shanghai Art Collection Museum]

Aside from traditional arts, there’s also the extremely innovative Poland VR video and the Dutch light box visual design, both of which give the audience an immersive 3D experience of art.

Chinese and foreign visitors appreciate the art.[Photo provide by the Shanghai Art Collection Museum]

Over the the past decade’s development, the International Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts has acquired global influence. It has been enlisted as a “Shanghai culture” branding project, as well as a key cultural exchange project for developing friendship between cities in the “belt and road initiative”.

After the success of the one-month showcase at the Shanghai Art Collection Museum, the touring show in Jiading districtis expected to exert more influence. At the same time, it is expected to boost the Jiading Juyuan New Area’s cultural atmosphere, establishing a strong basis for it to be a site of cultural innovation.