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Nanjing Road’s eastward expansion: myriad new possibilities
By:Huang Qingyang   |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2020-07-27 15:57

On June 24, Nanjing Building reopened to the public with the largest Huawei Flagship store. About 15,000 visitors came to its opening ceremony and the consumption figure soared to more than 10 million yuan in one day. According to the shop manager, it was built to become aniconic landmark of future science on Nanjing Road.

The opening of this flagship store also reflects the business modification of Nanjing Road’s eastward expansion. The plan is to introduce businesses to a larger area and improve its impact by diversifying stores and upgrading services.

According to the plan, some old housing districts in this area would be renovated to be a combined new business area. High-fashion brands and some newly-emerging ones will expand their business there, including KAKAO Friends which is well-known in South Korea for its special emoji designs and the Italian dessert brand Rinaldini which will launch its first physical store in China.

These shops will open to the public in September this year with the final completion of the eastward expansion of Nanjing Road.

As new brands are constantly being introduced, this will attract more young consumers and play an important role in revitalizing this area. Meanwhile traditional brands are also looking for new ways to sell their products. Some traditional products, such as rice and flower tea will be given a new marketing strategy. Many traditional brands are planning to open more concept stores in this area to promote sales in the future.

There has been huge positive feedback toward the eastward expansion. According to the project manager, in addition to Huawei, many other international brands are also planning to open their themed flagship stores on Nanjing Road, including Peet’s Coffee. The potential of such business area is infinite in the future.

The eastward expansion is an important part of Nanjing Road becoming a world-famous business area and an energetic district of a prosperous metropolitan. Nanjing Road aims to become a landmark where both the city’s traditions could be passed down and high fashion, a modern lifestyle and global consumption thrive.