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The 3rd CIIE further opens the door of opportunity
By:Huang Qingyang  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2020-07-29 10:35

The 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held within 100 days. Many exhibitors this year have already attended the event two years in a row, while more are hoping to seek further cooperation with China in the coming years through this event. CIIE has shown the world that China is open to all kinds of cooperation in the future.

CIIE provides companies worldwide with various business opportunities as a result of China’s persistence on high-level opening up. Nowadays, many exhibitors are choosingto make world debuts of their products at CIIE, believing that CIIE will bring access to a huge market if their products are of high quality. Miji from Germany will launch two new products at CIIE this year. One is the Miji 3-Star Format-A Embedded electric cooker and the other is a second generation mobile cooking kitchen. “Chinese consumers are more sensitive to new technology developments. The consumption potential will be tremendous as long as the products are good,” said Ji Canyue, co-founder of the brand. Hakatere Naturals, a brand in New Zealand producing honey products, will also havethe world debut of its new products, including honey mouth spray, propolis and honey powder at CIIE.

The high level opening up promotes better cooperation withinthe competitive global environment. A Cambodian company that sells rice attended CIIE last year for the first time. However, despite its attraction to consumers, quite a lot buyers didn’t make a purchase due to the huge size of their products,which were sold in multiple large sacks. The brand’s importer later suggested developing small package products. This year, during the warm-up activities for the CIIE, the small package products havebeen very popular among the consumers.“We are not very familiar with the Chinese market yet. Thanks to our importer, we now have much more confidence in our achievement at CIIE this year,”said the brand manager.

According to lots of exhibitors, China’s commitment to high level opening up has given enough confidence in enterprises who want to expand their business further in China. After two years visiting CIIE, Michelin, the best-selling tire manufacturer in the world,decidedto join in this year. Due to the sudden outbreak of Covid-19which has made face to face meetings difficult, the organizers created a new way to sign the contract online. In late February this year, Michelin officially signed the contract with CIIE to become an exhibitor this year. Meanwhile, some exhibitors have also decided to open their first physical store in China as well as making their first appearance at CIIE this year, including the French luxurybrand “Korloff”,which will set up its first store in China in October.