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Selfless teachers in Chinese village schools
By:Zheng Qian  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2020-09-10 17:43

To contribute to the Chinese rural education, a batch of teachers are making great efforts.

Wang Jiaoqin teaches in her hometown in Longling county of Yunnan province, a key county for poverty alleviation work. Several years ago, Wang gave up a teaching opportunity in a key high school and returned here to teach.[Photo/ ICphoto]

Sun Yuguang, in his 60s, is the only teacher in Xiahudong Village Primary School in Gongba Town of Hunan’s Yongzhou City. Due to the isolated position, the school failed to recruit young teachers and Sun was rehired after he had retired.[Photo by He Hongfu]

Haiga Primary School in Dawan Town of Guizhou’s Liupanshui City is known as “a school on cloud” due to its 2400-meter altitude. Gu Ya, who had experience in a band, formed two rock bands at the school and teaches students music theory in his spare time. In Gu’s words, music has not only illuminated children’s inner world, but also become the link with the outside world.[Photo by Qu Honglun]

Wang Kaikuan, the only teacher in Hebei’s Ziran Village, gives classes to three students. The 1.1-square-kilometer village is on an island surrounded by a river where people travel only by boat.[Photo by Han Suyuan]

Zha Dongping, in her mid-twenties, with her three students in Zhoujiashan Village Primary School in Wuyuan County of Jiangxi province. Zha, the school’s only teacher, gives Chinese, Maths, Music and Physical education classes, and has been working here since she graduated in 2013.[Photo by Liu Zhankun]

Lai Zhenyuan, the only substitute teacher in a mountain primary school in Bashan Grand Canyon of Sichuan’s Dazhou County, gives class to the only student Wang Longze. Wang’s mother died not long after he was born and his father is disabled and sickly. Since this school is the only one Wang can afford, Lai made his decision to remain here as his teacher. [Photo by Zhon Xin]