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Touching moments of Chinese and foreign people’s mutual support in 2020
By:Zheng Qian  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2020-12-31 14:02

Global society has been bruised by the novel coronavirus pandemic for almost a year. Facing the catastrophe, Chinese people and their foreign counterparts have been supporting each other, showing love and brotherhood.

Cheerful words in Irish green cheer up China

When the pandemic severely broke out in March in China, green neon lights with the words “Go China”,“Go Shanghai”and “Ireland loves China”lit up near the Huangpu River, conveying Ireland’s support to the Chinese people.

Ballet exudes brotherhood between Chinese and Japanese

One of the most famous Japanese ballet troupes– the Matsuyama ballet of Tokyo – expressed support for China's fight against the novel coronavirus by singing the Chinese national anthem "March of the Volunteers" together to rally morale and said:"We love China! Go Wuhan! Go China!" loudly in Chinese afterward. In return, the Shanghai Song & Dance Troupe produced a ballet dance in May called “One World Filled With Love”to support foreign friends.

Cherry trees symbol of friendship and good wishes

In spring, more than 30 Chinese and Japanese people came to the Shanghai New Hongqiao Central Park and planted 20 cherry trees to express the friendship between the two countries and pray for the end of the pandemic in Japan and the rest of the world.

Live stream appreciation of wisteria by Japanese man

A live stream appreciation activity not only allowed Michio Fujimoto, an 86-year-old Japanese who has been promoting Sino-Japanese friendship and donated 120 wisteria of more than 30 species to create a wisteria park in Shanghai’s Jiading, to enjoy the beauty of wisteria, but also recorded a charming story of bilateral exchange.

Live stream discussion of anti-pandemic measures for overseas audience

To bolster up the rest of the globe’s anti-pandemic effort, Shanghai has organized a series of live stream meetings with overseas students and medical experts. In an online meeting with Chinese students in America, Zhang Wenhong, head of Shanghai’s Covid-19 clinical expert team and director of the infectious diseases department at Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, guided and comforted the Chinese in America. The hand written letter from the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, to Dr. Zhang in which he expressed sincere gratitude is quite affecting.

Gathering of Chinese and Jews in Shanghai

A gathering was held in the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum on May 17 after the pandemic in China had been brought under control. More than 20 Jewish people in Shanghai were invited to the memorial place, the only site in China documenting the Jewish refugees’life in Shanghai and also the brotherhood between the two peoples during World War II. Such an event amid the pandemic conveyed the importance of cooperation when facing global difficulties. In February when the pandemic was severe in China, nearly a thousand Jews gathered in the drizzle at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem to pray for the health and well-being of the Chinese people.

Poems to back each other

To shore up each other in controlling the pandemic, a Chinese and Serbian poet had a live stream reading of two poems.

Auction of creative masks from Chinese artists for Italian anti-pandemic attempts

On May 20th, nearly 40 sets of artistic masks created by Chinese artists were displayed for auction in the Shanghai Center. All the money was donated to Italy's anti-pandemic work, when it had become the new epicenter outside China. With images from Peking opera, pop fashion, and woodcut prints, the masks embody the deep blessings of Chinese artists to the Italian people for an early victory over the epidemic.