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Residence Permit Application Process for Overseas Talents
By:Zhao Chunyuan  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2021-09-10 16:14

Foreign talents who work and start businesses in the Demonstration Zone of Green and Integrated Ecological Development of the Yangtze River Delta and hold a permanent resident identity card for foreigners can apply for a residence permit for overseas talents. Foreigners in Suzhou’s Wujiang District and Jiashan County in Zhejiang Province can apply for a Shanghai Overseas Talent Residence Permit even if they are not in Shanghai, as long as they meet the application requirements.

Application Process of Shanghai Overseas Talent Residence Permit for the first time:

The employer shall file an application through the "Government Online-Offline" platform, upload relevant materials and photos, and submit the application materials to the acceptance window on site after passing the preliminary review.

The acceptance window shall accept the materials that are complete and meet the legal form requirements. The application information and materials shall be transferred to the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau within 2 working days from the date of acceptance of the materials, and the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau shall complete the verification within 7 working days after receiving the materials.

Meanwhile, the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will send the information to the Shanghai Municipal Social Security Card Service Center and the Shanghai Municipal Big Data Center in the form of data sharing, which will complete the production of physical and electronic certificates within 10 working days respectively. The Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau is responsible for issuing certificates.