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Easy ways to save electricity during the holiday
By:Wu Qiong   |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2021-09-30 12:18

As the holiday season is a busy time, you might find that holiday fun has sent your electricity bill through the roof. These tips will help you save electricity during the holiday.

Q: How to stop wasting energy in the kitchen?

A: Use your kitchen wisely. Bake several dishes at a time. The oven uses a lot of energy. You can do more energy-efficient cooking if you bake several things together, shortening the time your oven is on. There’s also no need to preheat the oven for dishes with a long baking time. Turn off oven burners a few minutes before you finish cooking. The heat that is stored in a pan and other cooking equipment will enable your food to still cook, and you’ll save energy in the process.

Q: How to save energy when you leave your home?

A: When you leave your home for long periods of time, you might still be wasting electricity. Unplug your electronics before you leave to avoid using vampire energy.

Q: How to ask kids to save energy at home?

A: To reduce consumption, you can prohibit certain devices from being in your child’s room so they are not using them for extended periods of time unsupervised. You can also set times for devices to be used, which can help you keep your kids off devices for longer.

Q: How to save energy when using the refrigerator?

A: One thing to note when determining where you want to put a fridge is that you should keep it out of the sun. When sunlight is able to reach your refrigerator and freezer, they get warmed up. Find a shaded spot for the appliance.

Q: Any holiday lighting tips to save energy?

A: For the most efficient lighting, make sure to clean and dust lamps and bulbs regularly. Aging light bulbs along with dust and dirt buildup can reduce total illumination by 50%. But the best way to save on lighting is to make sure you turn off all the lights when you leave a room.

Q: How to lower the room temperature in an environmentally-friendly way?

A: One way to combat this issue is to plant shrubs or even trees around the exterior of your home. The more greenery you have, the more there will be to absorb the sun’s rays.

Q: How to make sure the fish tank at home is energy efficient?

A: A filtering fish tank is always using energy, so make sure yours is as efficient as possible and use LED lights. Keeping your tank clean will also help it run more efficiently.

Q: How to save electricity in the bathroom?

A: Showers require less from the water heater. In order to consume less energy, you have to limit your time in the shower to around 10 minutes.