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Foreign Consulates in Shanghai
2009-09-03 14:16
1. Consulate General of Argentina

Add: 4F, West Tower, Sun Plaza, No.88 Xianxia Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62780300

Fax: 021-62958539

Post Code: 200336

Website: http://www.consuargensh.com/index.html


2. Consulate General of Australia

Add: 22F, City Square, No.1168 Nanjing Road(W), Shanghai

Telephone: (021) 2215 5200

Fax: (021) 2215 5252

Post Code: 200041

Website: http://www.shanghai.china.embassy.gov.au/shai/home.html


3. Consulate General of Austria

Add: 3A, Qihua Building,No. 1375 Huaihai Road (M), Shanghai

Tel: 021-64740268

Fax: 021-64711554

Post Code: 200031

Website: http://www.shanghai.china.embassy.gov.au/

4. Consulate General of Belgium

Add: No.127 Wuyi Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-64376579

Fax: 021-64377041

Post Code: 200050

Website: http://www.diplomatie.be/shanghai/

5. Consulate General of British

Add: Room 301, West Tower, Shanghai Centre, No.1376 Nanjing Road (W), Shanghai

Tel: 021-62797650

Fax: 021-62797651

Post Code: 200040

Website: http://ukinchina.fco.gov.uk/en



6. Consulate General of Brazil

Add: 10F, Qihua Building, No.1375 Huaihai Road (M), Shanghai

Tel: 021-64370110

Post Code: 200031

Website: http://www.brazil.org.cn/

E-mail: info@brazil.org.cn

7. Consulate General of Bulgaria

Add: 7F, No.2272 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62376183

Fax: 021-62376189

Post Code: 200336

Website: http://www.mfa.bg/shanghai/

E-mail: bulconshan@yahoo.com

8. Consulate General of Cambodia

Add: 9/F, Huasheng Commercial Building, No. 400, Hankou Road

Tel: (+86)21 6361 6681, 6360 0949

Fax: (+86)21 6361 1437

E-mail: tangjx@online.sh.cn

9. Consulate General of Canada

Add: Room 604, West Tower, Shanghai Centre, No.1376 Nanjing Road (W), Shanghai

Tel: 021-62798400

Fax: 021-62798401

Post Code: 200040


10. Consulate General of Chile

Add: Room 1712, No. 2299 Yanan Road (W),Shanghai

Tel: 021-62360770

Fax: 021-62361318

Post Code: 200336

11. Consulate General of Cuba

Add: Room 502, 55 Loushanguan Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62753078

Fax: 021-62753147

Post Code: 200336


Website: http://www.conscubash.com/

12. Consulate General of Czech

Room 808, 83 Loushanguan Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62369925

Fax: 021-62369920

Post Code: 200336


13. Consulate General of Denmark

Add: Room 701, International Trade Center, No.2200 Yan'an Road (W), and Shanghai

Tel: 021-62090500

Fax: 021-62090504

Post Code: 200336

Email: shagkl@um.dk

Website: http://www.gkshanghai.um.dk/en

14. Consulate General of Egypt

Add: 19A19B, Qihua Building, No.1375 Huaihai Road (M), Shanghai

Tel: 021-64331020

Fax: 021-64330049

Post Code: 200031

E-mail egyconsh@sh163.net

15. Consulate General of Finland

Add: Room 2501-2505, Citic Square, No.1168 Nanjing Road(W), Shanghai

Tel: 021-52929900

Fax: 021-52929880

Post Code: 200041


Email: sanomat.sng@formin.fi

16. Consulate General of France

Add: 2F, 689 Guangdong Road (W), Shanghai

Tel: 021-61032200

Fax: 021-63411055

Post Code: 200001




17.Consulate General of Germany

Add:No.181, Yongfu Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-34010406

Fax: 021-64714448

Post Code: 200031

Web Site: http://www.shanghai.diplo.de/Vertretung/shanghai/de/Startseite.html

18. Consulate General of Greece

Add: Room 3501, No.989 Changle Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-54670505

Fax: 021-54670202

Post Code: 200031

E-mail: greekconsulate@126.com or grgencon.sha@mfa.gr

19. Consulate General of Hungary

Add:Room 2811, 689 Guangdong Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-63410564

Fax: 021-63410574

Post Code: 200001

Email: sgh.missions@kum.hu

Website: http://shanghai.hungary-china.com

20.Consulate General of India

Add:Room 1008, International Trade Center,No.2201 Yan'an Road (W), Shanghai

Tel: 021-62758885

Fax: 021-62758881

Post Code: 200336

Email: cgisha@public.sta.net.cn

Website: http://www.indianconsulate.org.cn/

21.Consulate General of Iran

Add:17 Fuxing Road (W), Shanghai

Tel: 021-64332997

Fax: 021-64336826

Post Code: 200031


22.Consulate General of Ireland

Add:700A Shanghai Centre, No.1376 Nanjing Road(W), Shanghai

Tel: 021-62798729

Fax: 021-62798739

Post Code: 200040



23.Consulate General of Israel

Add:Room 703, No.55 Loushanguan Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-61264500

Fax: 021-61264555

Post Code: 200336


24.Consulate General of Italy

Add:19F, No.989 Changle Road , Shanghai

Tel: 021-54075588

Fax: 021-54075179

Post Code: 200031


25.Consulate of Jamaica

Add:16F, 989 Dongfang Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-68752899

Fax: 021-68763299

Post Code: 200122

E-mail: embassy@jamaicagov.cn

Website: http://www.jamaicagov.cn/

26.Consulate General of Japan

Add:No.8 Wanshan Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-52574766

Fax: 021-62788988

Post Code: 200336

Web Site: http://www.shanghai.cn.emb-japan.go.jp/index.html

27.Consulate General of Kampuchea

Add:12F,No.287 Tianmu Road(M), Shanghai

Tel: 021-51015850

Fax: 021-51015855

Post Code: 200070

28.Consulate General of Kazakhstan

Add:Room 1005,No. 85 Loushanguan Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62752838

Fax: 021-62757300

Post Code: 200336

E-mail: kz@kazembchina.org

Website: http://www.kazembchina.org/

29.Consulate General of Luxembourg

Add:Room 401-403,No. 12 Zhongshan Road(E1), Shanghai

Tel: 021-63390400

Fax: 021-63390433

Post Code: 200002

30.Consulate General of Malaysia

Add:No.500, Hong Baoshi Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Tel: 021-60900360

Fax: 021-60900371

Post Code: 201103

Website: http://www.imi.gov.my/

31.Consulate General of Mexico

Add:9A9B, Qihua Building, No.1375 Huaihai Road (M), Shanghai

Tel: 021-64373451

Fax: 021-64372397

Post Code: 200031



32.Honorary Consulate of Monaco

Add:No.1 Long Dong Da Dao, Shanghai

Tel: 021-58332199

Fax: 021-58331577

Post Code: 201203

33.Consulate General of Nepal

Add:28F, No. 2 Lane 1040 Caoyang Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-52661811

Fax: 021-52661819

Post Code: 200063

E-mail: beijing@nepalembassy.org.cn

Website: http://www.nepalembassy.org.cn

34.Consulate General of Netherlands

Add:4F, East Tower, Sun Plaza,88 Xianxia Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62099076

Fax: 021-62099079

Post Code: 200336


35.Consulate General of New Zealand

Add:16F,No.989 Changle Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-54075858

Fax: 021-54075068

Post Code: 200031

Website: http://www.nzembassy.com/home.cfm?c=19

36.Consulate General of D.P.R.K

Add:No. 60 Wanshan Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62955000

Fax: 021-62955191

Post Code: 200336


37.Consulate General of Norway

Add:3F, No.12 Zhongshan Road (E1), Shanghai

Tel: 021-63239988

Fax: 021-63233938

Post Code: 200002

Website: http://www.norway.cn/

Email: cg.shanghai@mfa.no

38.Consulate General of Pakistan

Add:7F,No. 2272 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62377000

Fax: 021-62377066

Post Code: 200336

Website: http://www.pakconsulateshanghai.org.cn/

Email: pakrepshanghai@yahoo.com

39.Consulate General of Peru

Add:Room 2705, No.1515 Nanjing Road (W), Shanghai

Tel: 021-52985900

Fax: 021-52985905

Post Code: 200040

Website: http://www.conpersh.com/

40.Consulate General of The Philippines

Add:Room 368, East Tower, Shanghai Centre,1376 Nanjing Road (W), Shanghai

Tel: 021-62798337

Fax: 021-62798332

Post Code: 200040

Website: http://www.philcongenshanghai.org/

41.Consulate General of Poland

Add: No.618 Jianguo Road (W),Shanghai

Tel: 021-64339288 Post Code: 200031

Fax: 021-64330417

Web Site: http://www.szanghajkg.polemb.net/index.php?document=39


42.Consulate General of Portugal

Add:No.567 Weihai Road Shanghai

Tel: 021-62886767

Fax: 021-61037070

Post Code: 200040

43.Consulate General of Romania

Add:Room 305, West Tower, Sun Plaza,No.88 Xianxia Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62701146

Fax: 021-62085105

Post Code: 200336


E-mail: SHROMCONGEN@online.sh.cn

44.Consulate General of Russia

Add:20 Huangpu Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-63242682

Fax: 021-63069982

Post Code: 200080

Website: http://www.rusconshanghai.org.cn/en/node/125

45.Consulate General of Serbia

Add: Room 801, Lyon Garden, No.1, Lane 60 Ronghua Road (E) Gubei New Area, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62081388

Fax: 021-62087412

Post Code: 201103

Website: http://www.scgshanghai.org/

Email: yugkshanghai@online.sh.cn

47.Consulate General of Singapore

Add:No.89 Wanshan Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62785566

Fax: 021-62956038

Post Code: 200336

Website: http://www.mfa.gov.sg/shanghaichi/

Email: singcg_sha@sgmfa.gov.sg\

48.Consulate General of Slovakia

Add:4B, Qihua Building, No.1375 Huaihai Road(M), Shanghai

Tel: 021-64314205

Fax: 021-64713604

Post Code: 200031

49.Consulate General of South Africa

Add:Room 2706, No.220 Yan'an Road (E), Shanghai

Tel: 021-53594977

Fax: 021-63352980

Post Code: 200002 Honorary

E-mail: embassy@saembassy.org.cn

50.Consulate General of South Korea

Add: No. 60 Wanshan Road, Shanghai

Tel: (+86)21 6295 5000

Fax: (+86)21 6295 5191

Website: http://shanghai.mofat.go.kr/eng/as/shanghai/main/index.jsp

E-mail: kobe@mail.mofat.go.kr

51.Consulate General of Spain

Add:No.12 Zhongshan Road (E1), Shanghai

Tel: 021-63213543

Fax: 021-63211396

Post Code: 200002

52.Consulate General of Sweden

Add: Room 1530-1541, No.381 Huaihai Road (M), Shanghai

Tel: 021-63916767

Fax: 021-63915067

Post Code: 200020

Website: http://www.swedenabroad.com/shanghai


53.Consulate General of Switzerland

Add:22F, A Building, 319 Xianxia Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62700519

Fax: 021-62700522

Post Code: 200051



54.Consulate General of Thailand

Add:3F,No. 7 Zhongshan Road (E1), Shanghai

Tel: 021-63234095

Fax: 021-63234140

Post Code: 200002



55.Consulate General of Turkey

Add:13F, Qihua Building, No.1375 Huaihai Road (M), Shanghai

Tel: 021-64746838

Fax: 021-64719896

Post Code: 200031


Email: turkcons@uninet.cn

56.Consulate General of Ukraine

Add:5F,West Tower, Sun Plaza,No. 88 Xianxia Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-62953198

Fax: 021-62953171

Post Code: 200336


Email: ukrconsh@sh163.net

57.Consulate General of Uruguay

Add:Room 2403, No.300 Huaihai Road (M), Shanghai

Tel: 021-63353927

Fax: 021-63353741

Post Code: 200021

Website: http://www.conurushang.com/

E-mail: info@conurushang.com

58.Consulate General of USA

Add:No.1469 Huaihai Road (M), Shanghai

Tel: 021-64336880

Fax: 021-64334122

Post Code: 200031

Web Site: http://shanghai.usembassy-china.org.cn/


59.Consulate General of Uzbekistan

Add:Room 801 Yaojiang Builing,No.258, Wusong Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-63071896

Fax: 021-63246099

Post Code: 200086