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Top10 Shangha Spas
2011-01-21 14:47

1 Dragons @ The Kerry Gym

Address: 1515 Nan Jing West Road Kerry Center

Description: The Kerry Gym lies in the heart of the Kerry Centre, a comprehensive residential and commercial complex. It is also within walking distance of the Shanghai JC Mandarin Hotel and the Shanghai Centre Retail Complex. The fitness equipment here is top-of-the-line and are sure to meet your personal work-out needs. Utilize the swimming pool, tennis courts, boxing room, aerobics room and the gymnasium for hard workouts and then relax yourself afterwards in the spa. There is also a children's play area and plenty of parking. Call for membership information

2 Evian Spa


Address: 3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi, 2nd floor Three on the Bund

Description: It is an oasis of bliss in the hustle and bustle of Shanghai city. The clean, modern Evian Spa at the Three on the Bund, brings French spa techniques to town. The sky-high atrium at the entrance makes you feel light immediately, but the massages are even better. Prior to any massage, take a Color Hydrotherapy Underwater bath, where the water jets are programmed to hit the right spots while the underwater lights work on you psyche, leaving you refreshed and ready for more. Then choose from a range of Oriental or International massages. Another advantage is its location, after an invigorating massage, head to the many restaurants like Whampao Club for a fine Shanghai meal.

3 Funing Point Pressure Massage Center of Blind People

tel: 64378378

Address:597 Fu Xing Lu

Description: Massages by blind masseurs in China are a popular trend. These massages are said to be therapeutic for good health and extremely relaxing. This center is located in the historical old French Concession area so it is worth a walk. Kang Ning offers professional service at good standards and at a reasonable price. A massage will cost on average, CNY60, for one hour.

4 Health Club in Jian Guo Hotel


Address: 439 Cao Xi Road Jian Guo Hotel

Description: Situated in the busy Xu Jia Hui district, the Jian Guo Hotel provides a sauna and steam room for public use. For a price, the health club will allow you to use these facilities for as long as you wish.

5 Jing Xuan Blind Man's Massage


Address: 674 Yi Shan Lu


One of the quintessential aspects of eastern life and culture is Chinese massage. In Shanghai, Jing Xuan is the place to experience this firsthand. At the massage center are blind masseurs who have been traditionally trained and who have done massage all of their lives. Able to stimulate circulation, and relax muscles and joints, the healing massage can help fend against a host of ailments such as sciatica and back problems.

6 Mandara Spa


Address: 399 Nanjing Xi Lu 6th Floor, JW Marriott Hotel

Description: Located on the 6th level of the majestic JW Marriott, this spa offers three deluxe double suites, single suites, a classy waiting lounge and a beauty salon. The reception area combines old and modern architectural features. Chinese artwork enhances the spa's ambiance. A vast array of special beauty treatments are offered here to pamper you. Ancient oriental health rituals from Indonesia, Thailand and China are incorporated in their treatments. Indulge in the Chinese herbal back treatment or take a relaxing foot massage.

7 Pu Dong Shangri-La Health Club


Address: 33 Fu Cheng Road Pu Dong Shangri-La Hotel

Description: One of the best hotels in Shanghai, the Pu Dong Shangri-La's health club has all the facilities you could possibly wish for. So, for a one-off payment you can treat yourself all day long. There is a steam room and sauna, and the gym is also included in that price for anyone who feels like doing something a little more rigorous.

8 Sauna Room at the International Equatorial Hotel


Address: 65 Yan An West Road International Equatorial Hotel

Description: This hotel spa is located right in the center of the busy Hua Shan Road and Yan An Road intersection. In the city smog, a sauna and steam bath may not be far from your mind. To help sweat out the city pollution, you can make use of the hotel sauna and steam rooms for up to two hours. Though the steep is a bit steep, you're not likely to mind.

9 Shanghai International Tennis Center Club


Address: 516 Hengshan Road Regal East Asia Hotel

Description: Located on Hengshan Road, this hotel's fitness center provides a first-class health and recreation service. It has professional trainers in attendance and a whole range of facilities available. You have free access to the fixed and free weights and all the running, cycling and rowing machinery. The sauna, steam room and the outdoor tennis court are available but will require a supplement payment

10 Shanghai JC Mandarin Spa


Address: 1225 Nanjing Xi Lu Shanghai JC Mandarin Hotel

Description: The hotel is situated right in the heart of town, so if you feel close to collapse under the strain of your shopping bags, drop in here for a steam bath or sauna. Or even a massage if you feel like it. For a one-off payment you can spend all day in here making use of the hotel's five-star facilities.