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Police unite over bike riders flouting law
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2017-07-13 12:29

TRAFFIC police are working with colleagues at local police stations to deal with bike riders who flout regulations.

In the Zhangjiang area of Pudong, for example, officers in the monitor room of the police station inform traffic police on the streets if they spot offenses on street surveillance cameras. Yesterday morning, the traffic policeman on duty at the crossroads of Jinke and Zuchongzhi roads was called 20 times by colleagues who informed him via radio of traffic offenses from bike riders on Jinke Road.

Liu Ming, the traffic police official in charge of the area, said about 20 offenses are spotted from “backstage” every morning during rush hours. “Through this effort we hope to educate and punish more offenders,” Liu said.

People on skateboards who use bike lanes are also targeted by police. Liu said punishments range from a warning, to a 50 yuan (US$7) fine, to confiscating transport.

“Using segways and skateboards on an open street poses danger to themselves and other traffic participants,” Liu said.

Gong Dao’an, the new head of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, said the city’s continuing crackdown on traffic offenses from last year had yielded significant results.