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One visit to the notary office may be enough
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2017-09-12 01:29

TO notarize documentation issued in Shanghai before traveling abroad, people no longer have to visit local notary public offices repeatedly.

Residents now only need to submit identity cards or passports, and such items as residence certificates and driving licenses to the online systems of some notary offices and then bring all original materials to the offices to get the paperwork — such as birth certificates, academic diplomas or professional qualifications — notarized.

A pilot program, launched by Shanghai Bureau of Justice, encourages notary offices to improve their inquiry services and utilize online platforms so that applicants only need to visit once.

Currently, four categories of “simple” notarization are eligible for the pilot program started in the Shanghai Oriental Notary Public Office and other notary offices in Xuhui, Yangpu, Changning, Minhang districts and the former Zhabei area. It is due to expand across the whole city within a year.

These include notarization of birth certificates, identities and previous names, academic degrees and diplomas, professional qualification and job titles, as well as licenses and certificates.

Notary offices are asked to display all requirements online and to open hotlines.