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Woman rescued by firefighter cabling down from the sky
From:Shine  |  2018-02-13 12:29

Firefighter in suburban Jinshan District saved a woman who threatened to jump from the seventh story of a building on Sunday by cabling down from the upper floor and pushed the woman back inside.

The woman climbed up on the edge of the windowsill staircase between the seventh and eighth story around 12am after falling out with her family. The neighbourhood committee and police tried to talk her down but failed.

“Her family member wouldn’t show up to talk to her,” said an officer from firefight squad of Linting Town in Jinshan. “Which made her even more emotional, she was at the brink of jump.”

Because the window that the woman was sitting at was right above the hall way of the building which made it impossible to lay an air cushion.

After half an hour, the woman still wouldn’t climb down and was getting more and more aggressive. The firefighters decided to take emergency measures to rescue the woman.

A team went up to the seventh floor to talk and distract the woman. Meanwhile, firefighter Zhou Chao fastened two safety rope and cabled down from the eighth floor. He pushed the woman back in the staircase from outside.

The woman was taken by the police, her family later came and took her home to settle the dispute down.