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Yangpu roads gets colorful trees for all seasons
From:Shine  |  2018-07-10 01:29

Over 2,600 trees of various species are to be planted along 12 roads in Yangpu District to add color throughout the seasons.

About 26,000 square meters of trees will be planted in New Jiangwan Town in a bid by the local greenery authority to give each road a distinct color.

Currently, cinnamon trees grow on both sides of most roads in the community. But the district government says their monotonous color and various heights no longer meet the standards of a high-end ecological international community.

The Yangpu greenery authority is aiming to give each road its own look, with each having a different species of tree planted on both sides.

Red maple will replace the cinnamon trees on Ruida, Zhengfang and Zhengyun roads, while purple cherry blossom trees will be planted on Yinhang Road to create another cherry blossom boulevard, according to the authority.

Shorter trees such as the crabapple with its pink flowers and osmanthus will be planted in spots along the roads.

Most of the cinnamon trees on Zhengqing Road will be kept, while other roads will feature red tallow trees, pink azaleas, red Chinese roses and yellow crabapple trees. These will show different colors throughout the year, the authority said.

Landscape designers have been evaluating each road ahead of the project and land restoration will be carried out before planting to ensure future growth.

The 2.5-kilometer Jiangwancheng Road became the city’s first cherry blossom boulevard after pink and white cherry blossom trees were planted along it.